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When Inventory Is Low, Sellers WinThe real estate market has gone through a number of changes during the past few months. When inventory is low, sellers win. They have the ability to pick a buyer, they can make more money, and they can sell a house faster. What are some of the biggest reasons why sellers win when inventory is low? 

The Asking Price Goes Up

One of the biggest reasons why sellers win when inventory is low is that the asking price goes up. When there are more buyers than there are sellers, a seller may have multiple offers on the table. Then, the seller can leverage those offers against each other, driving up the price of the house. This could allow sellers to get thousands of dollars over the asking price for their homes. 

Sellers Maximize The Return

When sellers drive up the asking price of a house, this also increases the equity they have in their homes. When sellers have a mortgage, the monthly payment does not change much over the life of that mortgage; however, when the value of the house rises, this means sellers have more equity in their homes. They can do a lot with this equity. They can sell the house, pocket the extra equity, and either put it toward a new house or deposit it into their retirement account. 

The Seller Can Dictate The Terms

Finally, when inventory is low, sellers have the ability to dictate the terms. For example, a seller might be selling a house that has a wide variety of repairs. When inventory is low, sellers do not necessarily have to do these repairs. They know there are so many people looking for houses that someone will be willing to purchase the house without asking for repairs to be made. Sellers might even ask for cash offers only. This allows the seller to avoid certain closing expenses and walk away with more cash. 

Sellers Win When Inventory Is Low

The real estate market fluctuates over time; however, when inventory is low, sellers win. Because there is less competition on the market, sellers can get multiple offers on the table. This allows them to drive the negotiation, getting as much money as possible for their house.