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About Us

At The Law Office of David R. Rocheford, Jr., P.C., we understand that navigating the complexities of real estate transactions can be challenging and time-consuming. As dedicated real estate attorneys with years of experience in Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire property matters, our firm offers unparalleled professionalism, knowledge, and skill to ensure a seamless and successful outcome for our clients.

Whether you’re a home buyer, seller, mortgage lender, or financial institution, our expertise in real estate law ensures that your legal matters are handled with the utmost care. We have represented a wide range of clients, from individuals to large corporations, and are committed to delivering exceptional service tailored to your unique needs.

Here are just some of the locations our real estate lawyers serve around Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire area:

Serving Central MA

Ashburnham, MA
Ashfield, MA
Athol, MA
Ayer, MA
Barre, MA
Belchertown, MA
Berlin, MA
Bolton, MA
Boylston, MA
Brimfield, MA
Brookfield, MA
Buckland, MA

Charlton, MA
Clinton, MA
Conway, MA
East Brookfield, MA
Erving, MA
Fitchburg, MA
Gardner, MA
Greenfield, MA
Groton, MA
Hardwick, MA
Harvard, MA
Holden, MA

Holland, MA
Hubbardston, MA
Hudson, MA
Lancaster, MA
Leicester, MA
Leominster, MA
Leverett, MA
Littleton, MA
Lunenburg, MA
Marlborough, MA
Monson, MA
Montague, MA

New Braintree, MA
North Brookfield, MA
Northborough, MA
Oakham, MA
Orange, MA
Palmer, MA
Paxton, MA
Pelham, MA
Phillipston, MA
Princeton, MA
Royalston, MA
Rutland, MA

Shelburne, MA
Shirley, MA
Shrewsbury, MA
Shutesbury, MA
South Deerfield, MA
Southborough, MA
Southbridge, MA
Spencer, MA
Sterling, MA
Sturbridge, MA
Sunderland, MA
Templeton, MA

Wales, MA
Ware, MA
Warren, MA
West Brookfield, MA
West Warren, MA
Westminster, MA
Whately, MA
Winchendon, MA
Worcester, MA

Serving Southern NH

Antrim, NH

Dublin, NH

Fitzwilliam, NH

Hancock, NH

Harrisville, NH

Hinsdale, NH

Jaffrey, NH

Keene, NH

Marlborough, NH

Peterborough, NH

Richmond, NH

Rindge, NH

Swanzey, NH

Troy, NH

Winchester, NH

For mortgage lenders, banks, and financial institutions, you’ll get valuable lender information about our comprehensive settlement, title, and escrow services. With a focus on outstanding customer service, our clients enjoy the convenience of placing orders and checking their status online.

If you’re considering refinancing your current mortgage for a home, investment, or vacation property, or if you’re relocating from out-of-state, our real estate lawyer services can help streamline the process and protect your interests. 

Choose The Law Office of David R. Rocheford, Jr., P.C. as your trusted real estate attorney in Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire for a worry-free property transaction experience. Contact us today or call 978-847-0104 to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards securing your real estate future.