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Real estate closings are a complex business that, if not handled properly, can waste time and money for lenders, loan officers, and borrowers. Without a deep understanding of real estate law and close attention to details, paperwork gets overlooked or improperly filled out, resulting in missed deadlines and unnecessary delays.

At The Law Office of David R. Rocheford, we specialize in Massachusetts residential real estate transactions. We know where any glitches are likely to occur and can swiftly resolve any potential issues before they become problems.

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Our extensive experience in Massachusetts real estate purchasing and refinance transactions enables us to close with minimal hassle for everyone involved. Our flexibility and versatility help us accommodate even the most demanding schedules – we’re happy to handle closings anywhere at any time, promptly and professionally, to keep borrowers happy and eager to do more business with you.

If you have any questions related to real estate title, closing, escrow, or conveyancing processes, please use our contact page or call 978-847-0104.

Relationships that last.
Building solid lender relationships and the trust that goes with them is of paramount importance to us. We’ve built our reputation around an unwavering commitment to helping lenders and loan officers streamline their real estate transactions and handle them quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We know that lenders need fast, flexible, and reliable partners who can provide them and their clients with complete closing and settlement support, including title and escrow services, loan closings, and refinancing assistance.
View our standard fee schedule for real estate closing, settlement and escrow services (button below). These fees include a closing conducted by a real estate attorney, notarization of documents. State recording fees are listed separately. Contact us for more details or if you require custom pricing.
If you have questions related to real estate title, closing, escrow or conveyancing processes in Massachusetts please email or call 978-847-0104.

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