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Local economies can present a stern challenge to many real estate agents. This is the primary reason why agents should take measures that can help them keep a competitive edge in the market. For example, getting solid referrals is one measure that can help any agent get consistent commissions throughout the entire year. Marketing your services is a critical component of being a successful real estate agent, but you must also secure new referrals daily.

Let’s examine six invaluable tips that can help you get more business.

1.  Offer a Unique Service
There are hundreds of agents competing for business in your area. Offering an unique service is one easy way of getting maximum exposure in your target area. It will help you generate more leads. What is your specialty? Do you specialize in single family homes or multifamily housing? Are you working with an experienced mortgage lender who has access to flexible conventional funding sources and special government home loans? Are you willing to work on a reduced commission? Your specialty can separate you from the competition. Create a brochure or flyer that features your unique service. Handing out this flyer or brochure at open houses will inform prospects about your unique service. Your prospects will be more inclined to discuss their needs with you and if they have family or friends with similar circumstances they may share your information with them too.

2.  Retain Relationships with Past Clients
Retaining relationships with past clients is one simple method of getting referrals, but generally overlooked. Your past clients are always in contact with others who are in need of your services. They will be more than happy to give you new leads if you provided them with exceptional service. Periodical phone calls or emails will help you stay in position to get new business. Your past clients will be more than happy to give you referrals if you simply ask.

3.  Cultivate Relationships with Colleagues in Your Industry
Building productive relationships with colleagues can help you expand your business. Attending real estate network marketing events throughout the entire year and distributing your business card will give you a golden opportunity to work with other agents. Building relationships with other agents can lead to agent referrals.

4.  Use Written Reminders
Including a written reminder at the bottom of your emails and business letters can stimulate readers to be proactive with sharing referrals.

Use one of the following examples below or create your own:

  • A good referral is an excellent way of thanking me for my services.
  • Please tell your friends about me!


5.  Social Media Channels
Taking advantage of social media channels on the Internet can also make it easy for you to get new referrals. The new digital age of communication has taken the real estate industry to another level. Popular social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter help you build your personal brand. Building your brand can easily be accomplished by befriending people in these social media channels. Tell your new social networking contacts about your business. Ask your new contacts to tell their associates about your business. Participating in the social media arena can help you get a considerable amount of referrals throughout the year.

6.  Become an Expert
Becoming an expert can help you get tons of leads every year. You can become an expert by staying abreast of trends taking place in the industry. You can share your knowledge with prospects by hosting monthly seminars. Your seminars should center on sharing real estate information and cultivating new leads for your business. Seminars give you a chance to showcase your talent so potential clients know why they should work with you. If you encourage prospects to tell others about your monthly seminars your attendance can grow and stimulate your sales funnel with more clients.

Time for Review
Even if the economy is making it difficult for real estate agents, you can take action by implementing a few strategies to avoid any meltdown. Getting more referrals on a daily basis will help you build a strong business so you reach your full potential. Review the steps you take to secure referrals daily and if you’re not meeting your quota than determine the steps you must take starting today!