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There are a number of outstanding communities in central Massachusetts with features, services, and opportunities that are attractive to young, growing families as well as individuals looking for a good retirement location. One of those communities is Lancaster, Massachusetts, which is particularly attractive to working people of all kinds because it is conveniently located near four major highways, sitting almost squarely between Interstates 290, 190, 495 and Route 2. 

Lancaster is the oldest town in Worcester County, first settled in 1643. It’s most famous resident was Mary Rowlandson, the wife of the town preacher who, along with her young daughter became a captive of Native Americans fighting in King Phillip’s War in 1676. She was later ransomed and wrote an early American bestseller about her experiences.

Today, things are much quieter in the little town of just over 8,000. It is comfortably middle-class, with an average income of just under $100,000 and homes averaging around $425,000. Lancaster, MA is served by the Nashoba Regional School District and boasts the historic Thayer Memorial Library, first opened in 1868. 

Because of the town’s size and charm, the real estate market can be dynamic, so it helps to work with a real estate attorney who knows the market first-hand and is experienced with buying and selling homes in Lancaster

Real estate attorney David Rocheford offers complete real estate transaction services for Lancaster, MA, including: 

  • Purchase, mortgage, title, and transfer document preparation and review
  • Title insurance and environmental issues resolution
  • Buyer or seller representation for real estate transaction disputes
  • Closing assistance 

The Law Office of David Rocheford specializes in Massachusetts real estate law. We know the ins and outs of purchasing and refinancing property in the town of Lancaster. As a law firm that practices only real estate law, we have years of experience handling thousands of real estate transactions, large and small, for people just like you. 

Buying or selling a home or business is one of the most important and valuable of life’s transactions for most people. Selecting the right law firm for your Lancaster real estate transaction is key for ensuring that it’s completed smoothly and successfully. That’s why you need the town’s leading real estate attorney – the Law Office of David Rocheford.

David Rocheford

David Rocheford
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