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Buyer, AND Seller beware . . .


Buying or selling a home? Watch out,  Thieves are after your money.  Cyber criminals are hacking email accounts, spoofing emails and email addresses.  From there they intercept import information about the transaction such as wire information and account numbers. If you must wire money for a down payment, always call first to confirm that the wire instructions you received are legitimate.  Be certain that your funds are being wired to the right person and right account.

After sending money, call the recipient immediately make sure they got it. If not call your bank right away.

Better yet, pay with a cashier’s check.  If you deliver the check in person, you’ll know exactly who has your money.

In any case, always carefully review mail addresses. Hackers use phony lookalike return addresses that mimic the real sender’s account. They will often try to pose as a real estate agent, lender or attorney involved in the transaction. Hackers hope to trick you into thinking you are communicating with a trusted professional.

Hackers also spoof phone numbers too, so try to schedule face-to-face meetings when coordinating the transfer of funds.

If you have questions or concerns about the security of funds for your purchase or sale, don’t hesitate to call our office.  We are here to help.