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Continuing Education Unit Classes Offered

For Real Estate Brokers, Agents, REALTORS® and Business Partners

The MA Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons requires real estate professionals to complete 12 hours of approved continuing education classes every two years.  Our office provides local agents with a comfortable and convenient location to take courses that are extremely informative and practical.  The CEU classes are presented by an experienced Real Estate Attorney from our office, or other qualified and vetted professional. The classes are small and informal and cover CEU topics that are pertinent and of interest to our real estate agent business partners.

The CEU classes are held at our office and other approved locations, and run a requisite 120 minutes.  Depending on the location the classes accommodate 10 to 20 attendees.  The CEU class topics include:

Residential Purchase and Sale Agreements

This course provides a comprehensive overview of all of the customary clauses that may typically be included in the Purchase and Sale Agreement for residential transactions. The Purchase and Sale Agreement may include any additional clauses as agreed upon between the parties. It is important to recognize many clauses may be worded to benefit either Buyer or Seller.

Zoning & Building Codes

Zoning and building code history is detailed in this course that will also offer an overview of health and building departments. Students will learn the liabilities that could come with improperly listing a property. A legal living room and bedroom will be defined, along with the differences between a cellar and a basement. This eye-opening course also highlights the truth about radon, asbestos, lead and carbon monoxide.

Title 5

This class examines the disclosure obligations under Consumer Protection Act 93A, and the impact to a seller and buyer in negotiating a Purchase and Sale  Agreement. Public health issues are addressed as well as the concerns on the impact on water quality and environment.  Agents will have a better understanding of system design and function as well as a look at 310 CMR 15.00. Instructed by a qualified Title 5 professional.

Appraisal Process

This course takes students behind the scenes of an appraisal firm and highlights the requirements necessary to become a licensed and certified appraiser. Learn the difference between the cost, market and income approach and how to deal with falling market prices. The course also provides an understanding of the overall appraisal process. Instructed by a qualified real estate appraiser.

Short Sales

Agents with a good understanding of the short sale process are indispensable to their seller and buyer clients. This course looks at the short sale process and addresses some of the major concerns sellers may face when subject to the reality of owing more on a property than it is worth. Short Sale Negotiators and negotiation process are discussed as well as timing and pitfalls.

Contract Law

Contract construction will be at the forefront of this course designed for and taught with real estate agents in mind. Students will learn the differences between an oral and written contract and executed and executory contracts and will understand how to properly use boiler plate contracts. The statute of frauds will also be discussed.


completing this class. An offer is a legally-binding contract and all wording needs to be carefully chosen. A few wrong words or omissions can hold buyers legally responsible for the purchase of a home they may no longer want, leaving agents involved in a legal battle between buyer and seller. Contingencies including septic, insect, mold testing and home inspections, along with financing, need to be carefully thought out before presenting an offer. This class will provide the best way to make sure an offer is conveyed correctly.

Lead Paint – Residential Sales and Rentals

Agents will learn why lead paint is a vital concern and why lead poisoning is a serious disease.  The class will review the history of the Lead Paint Law and what is and is not covered under the law. Disclosure questions and concerns are answered as well as questions on abatement, encapsulation and letters of interim control and compliance.  Instructed by a qualified Lead Paint professional.

Closing and Settlement

Having a firm understanding of the closing process is essential for real estate agents.  This class provides a behind-the-scenes look at just what happens in the closing process.  Learn the role of attorneys, processors, title examiners and land surveyors and how the act together to bring your transaction to a successful close.  The class will examine common issues that can adversely affect the timing and outcome of a transaction close.

Landlord/Tenant Residential Rental Agency Part 2

Students will understand exactly what happens once a landlord agrees to take on a tenant. Bookkeeping requirements and security deposit specifics are among the topics covered in this must-see lecture. The difference between a “tenant at will” contract, along with eviction process basics, are also discussed.

M.G.L. c. 93A, Consumer Protection & Business Regulation

This class will revisit the history and creation of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection law known as 93A, which allows consumers to take action against deceptive or unfair business practices. Students will learn the proper procedure for complying with demand letters and how to avoid the overwhelming triple damage liability associated with 93A. Real estate agents are held accountable to 93A regulations every day—make sure you are aware of the rules.


The importance of an agents clear understanding of the real estate financing process is stressed in this class.  Agents will learn about the application process from application through the clear to close.  Matters of borrower qualification, credit and debt to income ratios are addressed, as well as how agents can help borrowers through the sometimes-daunting process.  Instructed by a qualified mortgage lender professional.

Understanding Title and Title Concerns

This course is designed to provide a working understanding of the title exam process as well as issues that affect title and clear ownership of real estate.  A detailed look at common issues that come up in the process and how they are best resolved.  The recording process and title insurance is also discussed.

Landlord/Tenant Residential Rental Agency Part 2

Students will understand exactly what happens once a landlord agrees to take on a tenant. Bookkeeping requirements and security deposit specifics are among the topics covered in this must-see lecture. The difference between a “tenant at will” contract, along with eviction process basics, are also discussed.

Due Diligence in Seller(s) Representation in Residential Real Estate Transactions

Students will learn what is meant by the term due diligence. What is expected of them according to the rules, regulations and practices? What are the agent’s responsibilities to their buyers and sellers? A WISP plan and how buyers and sellers can advocate for themselves is also discussed. The instructor will go over how to check deeds, verify ownership and check for liens. Also, do agents have to disclose ghosts, suicides or murders? This class will answer those questions and much more.

Veterans Administration (VA) Loans

Attendees will learn the various Veterans Administration benefits and explore who is eligible for VA loans.  Agents will get a clear understanding of the credit requirements necessary under VA lending guidelines and an overview of VA loan Income Qualification Ratio’s. The various VA loan safeguards for veterans are discussed. Instructed by a qualified mortgage lender professional.


Students will learn about the path and process that leads up to foreclosure. How foreclosures are started, and auctions are examined and discussed. Agents will have a working understanding of what it means to be “in foreclosure” and the critical timing of the process. Real Estate Owned (REO) sellers and the REO process are also discussed.

If you or your office are interested in our CEU classes please contact us for details and to make arrangements to attend the next class.