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Real Estate Law for Harrisville, New Hampshire

Real Estate Law for Harrisville, New HampshireIn today’s world, simple real estate transactions are relatively problem-free. Much – if not most – of the paperwork is standardized with fill-in-the-blanks simplicity. And except in states where attorney participation is required by real estate law, a real estate buyer lawyer may not even be needed.

Note, however, the word “may.” It’s almost always a good idea to have a real estate buyer lawyer for any transaction regarding real estate law for Harrisville, New Hampshire or any other community in Massachusetts. Why? Because a real estate buyer lawyer can help you with such issues as:

  • Existing property liens
  • Future property use issues
  • Property transfers from corporations, trusts, or partnerships
  • Real estate deed filings

Real estate law for Harrisville, New Hampshire and the rest of the Commonwealth can be tricky. For example, you may want to lease a property for some period of time prior to purchase. An experienced real estate buyer lawyer can help draft the agreement to protect your rights and ability to purchase the property.

If the property you’re buying is being sold by an entity other than an individual, Harrisville, New Hampshire real estate law can get very complicated. For example, if the seller is a corporation or a partnership and the transaction is improperly completed for any reason, such as not clearing title to the property, failing to disclose certain defects or violating a corporate charter, the entity may sue you, and its partners may sue you individually as well. While having a real estate buyer lawyer will not insulate you entirely from such litigation, obtaining legal counsel will certainly mitigate your risk, as the attorney will be much more likely to secure a clear title and make the appropriate disclosures.

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