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Property Attorney for Oakham, Massachusetts

Buying real estate of any type is a major decision and investment. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to secure the help of a property attorney if you’re planning on buying or selling a piece of property.

An experienced property attorney for Oakham, Massachusetts or any other community in Massachusetts can help by preparing and reviewing a wide range of critical paperwork, including:

  • Purchase agreements
  • Mortgage documents
  • Title documents
  • Transfer documents

What is a property attorney? A legal professional who specializes in and applies their skills and knowledge to matters related to property or real estate — from routine transactions, including transferring ownership from seller to buyer, to disputes between parties regarding property ownership or rights. Some property attorneys specialize in conveyance (transferring property from one owner to another) while other property attorneys specialize in real estate litigation, such as boundary or purchase disputes.

Although a property attorney is not required to be involved in a transaction, a home buyer may benefit from retaining a Oakham, Massachusetts property attorney such as the Law Office of David Rocheford to help ensure that there are no issues that could adversely affect the process. Many states require a property attorney to be involved at some part of the transaction. A real estate agent would be able to tell you the local standard and whether or not a property attorney is necessary. Property attorneys who specialize in real estate law usually charge by the hour for their services, while others get paid a flat fee based on the transaction.

Having an experienced property attorney for Oakham, Massachusetts on your side may help you avoid any legal problems that can cause delays to your closing, and save you money overall. If you search for an attorney online, be sure that you pick a property attorney who focuses strictly on real estate, such as the Law Office of David Rocheford. Some property attorneys may also practice in other fields such as bankruptcy, estate planning, or domestic relations. Often, these attorneys are not the best choice because they lack the experience and expertise that comes from practicing real estate law exclusively.

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