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Leominster, Massachusetts

Leominster, Massachusetts

Are you considering purchasing a home in Leominster, Massachusetts? At the Law Office of David Rocheford, we’ve been helping area real estate buyers and sellers since 1997. We have the expertise and experience to assist you with any residential or commercial real estate purchase or sale in and around Leominster

With four attractive neighborhoods to choose from, Leominster is an ideal place to settle down in central Mass and raise a family. Homes are moderately priced and an overall good value, with a median price of just over $300,000 and a variety of styles available, including single and multi-family houses, condos, and townhomes. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, Leominster’s a great choice, with the nearby state forest for hiking, fishing, and boating; beautiful orchards for fresh produce and autumn activities – and if you want a little culture, there is Leominster’s well-respected Thayer Symphony Orchestra.  

Real estate attorney David Rocheford offers complete real estate transaction services for buying or selling real estate in Leominster, including: 

  • Purchase, mortgage, title, and transfer document preparation and review
  • Title examination, settlement and closing
  • Buyer or seller representation for real estate transactions
  • Closing assistance

The Law Office of David Rocheford specializes in Massachusetts real estate law. We know the ins and outs of purchasing and refinancing property in the city of Leominster. As a law firm that practices only real estate law, we have years of experience handling thousands of real estate transactions, large and small, for people just like you. 

Buying or selling a home or business is one of the most important and valuable of life’s transactions for most people. Selecting the right law firm for your Leominster real estate transaction is key for ensuring that it’s completed smoothly and successfully. That’s why you need the city’s leading real estate attorney – the Law Office of David Rocheford.

David Rocheford

David Rocheford
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