156 Hamilton St., Leominster, MA

Settlement/Conveyancing Fee Schedule

Title Services (Attorney/Title Fee) **
Purchase $875.00
Refinance $775.00


State Recording Fees
Record Municipal Lien Certificate $85.00
Record Mortgage $205.00
Record Deed $155.00
Record Assignment $105.00
Record Trustee Certificate $105.00
Record Discharge $105.00
Record Homestead $35.00
Record Declaration of Trust $255.00
Record 6(d) Certificate $105.00
Record Plan $105.00

** Services Included/Vendor Services
Obtain Municipal Lien Certificate (MLC)
Electronic Recording
Express Shipping (FedEx/UPS)
Electronic Fund Transfer
Title Update and Recording
Funding (receipt/disbursment)
Title Examination
Policy Endorsements

Services Not Included
Mortgage Survey/Plot Plan
Buyer/Seller Legal Counsel
Additional Legal Doc Prep