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Closing Lawyer for Warren, Massachusetts

Closing Lawyer for Warren, MassachusettsA closing lawyer is a key player in the purchase or sale of a home because it can be a stressful event filled with tasks and details that, unless done properly, can derail the sale. That’s why it’s so important to have a skilled and experienced real estate attorney on your side, such as the Law Office of David Rocheford, located in Leominster, MA.

The real estate specialists at the Law Office of David Rocheford provide complete real estate purchase and sale services, including:

  • Conducting the title examination
  • Coordinating title insurance
  • Reviewing purchase and sale agreements
  • Preparing closing documents
  • Attending the closing

An experienced closing lawyer for Warren, Massachusetts such as David Rocheford pays close attention to all the details. For example, when the title request shows up from the bank or mortgage lender, our office orders a boundary/foundation survey and a tax certificate, which checks the real estate taxes and other city, town, and county charges on the property.

In Massachusetts, a Warren, Massachusetts closing lawyer is responsible for inspecting the title to the property and should audit the title assessment to guarantee there are no title issues, encumbrances, or cloudy issues regarding title to the property. In a purchase transaction, the title is examined at least fifty years back. If, in fact, any issues arise, we’ll work with everyone involved to determine the best course of action to successfully resolve them.

A good Warren, Massachusetts closing lawyer such as David Rocheford will arrange the issuance of title protection to the loan and for the new home purchaser. We recommend that purchasers obtain their own title protection on the grounds that even with the most reliable title assessment, there can be undiscovered title issues that could surface later and affect a future transaction.

When it’s time to close, as the area’s leading closing lawyer for Warren, Massachusetts and surrounding central Massachusetts communities, David Rocheford will coordinate with the bank to arrange and convey various reports that need to be endorsed at closing, including the home loan, promissory note, and the Closing Disclosure or Settlement Statement. Likewise, our office will coordinate with the seller’s attorney to get the deed to the property, smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector certificates, and other applicable documents such as condominium common area use certificates.

After settlement, a detail-oriented closing lawyer, Warren, Massachusetts such as David Rocheford will process the accounting and funding, record the deed, mortgage, and other documents and guarantee that all prior mortgages and liens are released.

As you can see, there’s a lot involved in the buying or selling of a home. If you want to make sure your transaction goes smoothly and successfully, you need an outstanding closing lawyer for Warren, Massachusetts – the Law Office of David Rocheford.

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