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Realtors® are licensed and are trained to understand all aspects of real estate sale and purchase transactions as part of that licensing. From rules and regulations to financing options a good Realtor can guide their client through the complicated process of buying or selling real estate.  Realtors® are required to continue their training annually to receive training credits to renew their licenses.

Realtors® have access to resources not available to the average home buyer or seller.  Between personal spheres of influence, professional networking and trade memberships Realtors® have a unique perspective on their local real estate market and on particular properties and trends, above and beyond what can be found on a listing sheet or on the internet.  They are in constant contact with other real estate professionals, buyers and sellers and often have exclusive details on properties and opportunities not found elsewhere.  Their resources cannot be tapped online or in print.  A good Realtor® will leverage their resources to assist their clients to find the right property or the right buyers.

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, obtaining the best price is critical.  An experienced Realtor® is by trade a good negotiator and will provide their clients the tools to identify the proper price point for real estate.  On average sellers workings with a Realtor® tend to get a higher price for their property than sellers trying to sell on their own.  Likewise, buyers tend to get the best overall price when their offer to purchase is presented to the seller by a Realtor®.  If the price isn’t right for a particular property an untrained individual may never know it.  A Realtor® can draw on their valuable experience and resources to assist their clients in making the best offers and counter offers.

A Realtor® will help you realize the best value for your real estate sale or purchase.  Financially sellers think they will save tens of thousands of dollars by not using a Realtor® but it has been my experience that when sellers are not working with a Realtor® they tend to have many complications with their transactions; Complications that would have easily been avoided with the assistance of a Realtor®.  Complications lead to delays and additional costs that may not directly affect the final sale price but can certainly have a financial impact that is often not considered until it is too late.  Getting involved with an unqualified buyer can mean a huge loss to a seller when the buyer has to back out of the transaction just days before closing.  A Realtor® can protect from this sort of loss and other circumstances that are not foreseen by the average seller.

If you have a question about working with a Realtor® or would like the contact information for qualified local Realtor® please contact me.

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