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The Real Estate Closing Process

The process starts with a real estate buyer with a property under contract. Once the settlement agent or closing attorney has been retained by the mortgage lender the begin the “title work.” That is the examination of the chain of ownership or chain of title to the property. This examination discloses the history of owners and lien holders on the property and helps the closing attorney to ensure that the buyer receives good clear title to the property and that the seller actually owns the property.

The closing attorney will also assist the lender to make certain the certain conditions of the mortgage loan are met. Like having the property insured for the proper amount of homeowner’s insurance or “hazard” insurance. The closing attorney will also help the lender and borrower meet conditions of the loan that are related to the title to the property, such as providing accurate real estate tax information. (more…)

What is the Pending Home Sales Index?

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) Pending Home Sales Index measures the number of home purchase contracts that were signed in the monthly reporting period.  Once “pending” sales contracts are closed, they are considered an Existing Home Sale. Because the Pending Home Sales index tells us how many contracts were signed, it is considered a forward indicator of Existing Home Sales.  A signed contract is not counted as an  Existing Home Sale until the transaction actually closes.

Pending Home Sales Chart

Read more about the index here.

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