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Four Great Reasons to Work with a REALTOR®

Realtors® are licensed and are trained to understand all aspects of real estate sale and purchase transactions as part of that licensing. From rules and regulations to financing options a good Realtor can guide their client through the complicated process of buying or selling real estate.  Realtors® are required to continue their training annually to receive training credits to renew their licenses.

Realtors® have access to resources not available to the average home buyer or seller.  (more…)

HUD Takes Advantage of YouTube to Educate Consumers


HUD’s videos are easily accessible from HUD’s website as well as from HUD’s YouTube channel.Keeping up with the changing times and the push of social media the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has set up a YouTube Channel.  HUD has unveiled three how-to videos to assist potential homebuyers find an affordable home, shop for the right mortgage and what to expect at closing. (more…)

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